Our Staff

Meet our leadership team at Full Faith Church

Joshua Verwers

Lead Pastor

For as long as he can remember, Joshua Verwers, has known that God was calling him into the ministry. Growing up, as a grandson of our founding pastors, Joshua was exposed to many ministers from around the world that all picked up on something special inside him. However, it wasn’t until the age of 26, after several years of running from God, that Joshua finally surrendered his life to Christ and started running with God. This shift really happened when he heard the Bible preached in a relatable way, which made Jesus more real than he had ever been. Since, that moment Joshua has endeavored to preach the Word in such a way that it encourages others live their lives by faith. Pastor Josh has a deep desire to see God’s Word preached in a way makes it understandable, relatable, and doable.

Pastor Josh is married to his wife, Genevieve, and they have four wonderful children together. Currently he is serving as our Lead Pastor, after having spent 6 years as Assistant Pastor. Pastor Josh is a member of, and holds his ordination credentials with, the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers (AFCM) International. In addition to being our pastor, Joshua is also a vlogger and has been utilizing social media to expand a digital ministry. Pastor Josh has also had the privilege to travel to various parts of the world to minister in churches, conferences, Bible schools and even prisons. Wherever God takes him, with the help of the Holy Spirit, his aim is to stir up the gifts that are in others and encourage them to live by faith.

Colleen Benway

Associate Pastor

In 1982, Harvey and Colleen Benway founded Full Faith Christian Center, here in Chariton, Iowa. Serving as Assistant Pastor, in those early years, Pastor Colleen held numerous Bible studies and prayer meetings in Chariton and the surrounding communities. Several years later, when Pastor Harvey Benway went home to be with our Lord and Savior, Pastor Colleen immediately stepped into the role of Senior Pastor and continued the work that had begun.

She continued leading our church and preaching the uncompromising Word, in that capacity, for nearly two more decades. As Joshua entered into the Lead Pastor role, she transitioned into the role of Associate Pastor. But don't let that title lead you to believe she's slowed down at all. She' still sharing her gifts and teaching the Word whether it's behind the pulpit, at a kitchen table or over a phone call. Pastor Colleen continues to be an essential source of wisdom and counsel for our ministry. She also is a member in good standing with AFCM, where she holds her ordination credentials.