Our History

In January of 1982, after much questioning of God, Harvey and Colleen Benway trusted God with a “calling” and held their first service in Chariton, Iowa. As those services continued, God brought people from near and far who helped establish and incorporate Full Faith Christian Center.

In 1984, we moved from our original location in the Shelton building to the old “Eagles” building on the levy.  This move, just like the start of our church, was done after much questioning of God. Looking back, we can see that this move was ordained by God and while we are thankful it was the end of the moving, the work and change continued.

Over the years, there has been a lot of time, talent, and treasure put into the transformation from “Tavern to Temple”.  Under the guidance of our spiritual leaders, the family here at Full Faith have put so much into making our church beautiful and pleasing to God. And the best part was not even the building improvements we saw changed, but it was the lives of the people God led here that we saw changed.

In March of 1996, Pastor Harvey “gladly” went home to be with Jesus. At first glance, it appeared as though we would have a void in our leadership, but we quickly realized that the “call” to teach and preach was given to Pastor Colleen also. Fortunately for all of us, she quickly picked up where Pastor Harvey had left off and led us through the next season of our ministry.

Now, we find ourselves into that next season. Our current Lead Pastor, Joshua Verwers, brings the same heart that our previous pastors brought. He is uniquely capable of doing this, as he is both their grandson and a direct product of this ministry. As for what this season will look like and what kind of changes will occur… only God knows.  But we are excited to see what God has planned and hope you will join us for the ride.