The first age group that we minister to are our preschoolers. This group ranges from birth to approximately 6 years old. The purpose of this ministry is to not only share God’s love with your children, but to teach them about God and start training them for a smooth transition into our school age ministry. We do this through a variety of media components, teaching, music and activities that are designed to meet their level of learning and attention span and that are all centered around the Word of God.


The other age group that we minister to are our elementary students (approximate ages 6 – 12). The purpose of this ministry is to continue to build a foundation on God’s Word, while preparing our children for a future transition into the adult worship service. We strive to accomplish this through a curriculum that combines media components and live instruction to make the Bible come alive in a fun and exciting way. Services may include illustrated sermons, song services, entertaining videos, review games, and more. These are all designed to help kids learn the principles of God’s Word.

All of our children participate in corporate praise and worship in our main sanctuary and then are dismissed to their classrooms before the sermon begins. Kids check-in begins 15 minutes before praise and worship starts.